• The Bachelor's of Arts in Christian Ministry is designed for those who are serving in Church Leadership or preparing to serve in the future.

  • One of the greatest advantages of our program is that you can continue full-time in your ministry vocation or your job, without disruption as you pursue this degree.

  • The purpose of these courses are to equip leaders with important leadership fundamentals that include: Leadership character, interpersonal ministry, strategies for impacting their cities through Holy Spirit led strategies, and building a transgenerational ministry.

  • Composed of 12 key courses that can be completed in 12 months. However, students are encouraged to study at their own pace.

  • The student will receive 3 to 5 credit hours after watching 5–8 video segments and completing all required assignments.

  • The courses include video classes, video resources, reading assignments, quizzes and writing projects.

  • Practical Ministry Credit: Students in this program are also required to complete 8 credits or 40 hours of practical ministry. The practical ministry could include: local church outreaches, mission trips, church ministry, street evangelism. It also includes writing a paper detailing the type of event you chose, your objectives, and the lessons you learned to be submitted to receive credit.


80 Diploma credits + 58 Bachelor's of Arts credits

To receive a B.A. in ministry, the student must successfully complete all the requirements of a Diploma in Ministry or Theology at HMU.


  • Experienced personal salvation and commitment to Jesus

  • Completed secondary education and Diploma in Bible

  • English language proficiency

  • Currently serving and accountable to a local church

  • Christians leaders who have served in full-time ministry for more than 10 years could also advance directly to the degree programs based on ministry service. However, proof of their ministry experience must be validated by a ministry supervisor or an oversight committee


  • LDR 010 Spiritual Leadership
    LDR 011 The Pitfalls of Leadership
    LDR 015 Spiritual Fathers
    LDR 020 New Testament Church
    LDR 030 Marriage & Family
    LDR 050 City Transformation

  • BLB 027 Book of Daniel
    BLB 018 Book of Job
    BLB 006 Book of Joshua

  • PM 015 Local Church Ministry
    PM 016 Mission Outreach


  • 01

    Welcome to the Bachelors in Ministry Program

    • A message from Dr Richard William

    • Start Enrolment Process

    • Submit Enrolment Documents

    • Before we begin...

  • 02

    LDR010 Spiritual Leadership

    • Course Overview

  • 03

    LDR011 The Pitfalls Of Leadership

  • 04

    LDR015 Spiritual Fathers

    • Course Overview

  • 05

    LDR020 New Testament Church

    • Course Overview

    • L1 Pentecost: The Birth of the Church

    • L1 Quiz

    • L2 Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria & to the ends of the earth

    • L2 Quiz

    • L3 Antioch: Gathering, Equipping, Resourcing & Sending

    • L3 Quiz

    • L4 Headship of Christ

    • L4 Quiz

    • L5 Priesthood of every believer

    • L5 Quiz

    • L6 The ‘ekklesia’

    • L6 Quiz

    • L7 The Body

    • L7 Quiz

    • L8 The Temple

    • L8 Quiz

    • L9 The Bride

    • L9 Quiz

    • L10 No compromise- letters to the churches in the book of Revelation

    • L10 Quiz

  • 06

    LDR030 Marriage & Family

    • Course Overview

  • 07

    LDR050 City Transformation

    • Introduction

    • Main Lecture

  • 08

    LDR014 Intentional Transformation

    • Course Overview

    • L1 The Purpose

    • L2 Choosing Truth

    • L3 The Contradiction of Behavior

    • L4 Community

    • L5 The Enemy’s Strategy

    • L6 The Resolution Part 1

    • L6 The Resolution Part 2

  • 09

    LDR016 Spiritual World

    • Course Overview

  • 10

    LDR040 Culture vs Christianity

    • Course Overview

    • L1 What is Kingdom?

    • L1 Quiz

    • L2 Kingdom Partners

    • L2 Quiz

    • L3 When Culture Conflicts With Christianity

    • L3 Quiz

    • L4 Persecution - Is it inevitable?

    • L4 Quiz

    • L5 The Prophetic Call To Speak Into Culture

    • L5 Quiz

    • L6 Integrity And Truth

    • L6 Quiz

  • 11

    BLB027 Book of Daniel

    • Course Overview

  • 12

    BLB018 Book of Job

    • Course Overview

  • 13

    BLB006 Book of Joshua

    • Course Overvew

  • 14

    PM015 Ministry/Outreach: Local Church Ministry

    • Course Overview

  • 15

    PM016 Ministry/Outreach: Mission Outreach

    • Course Overview


HMU's Multicultural Faculty From All Around The Globe

Dr. Richard William is currently the Director of History Maker International, professor at Florida Christian University, and President of History Makers University.

He was born and raised in Singapore, and at the age of 12, had a supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ and gave his life to follow Him.

After being miraculously saved from drowning in a river at age 16, he answered the call of God and began his training in ministry and missions. He started as a missionary in Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China before the Lord opened the doors for his biblical studies in the USA.

Dr. William travels and ministers extensively, preaching in crusades, leadership conferences, and churches in more than 30 nations. In his preaching ministry, his desire is to stir a deep hunger for God's presence and power, motivate towards local evangelism and international missions, and to see revival fire touch this generation.

Dr. William received his Associates in Theology from Christ for the Nations, his Bachelor's in Biblical Studies from Tyndale Theological Seminary, his Master’s in Missiology from Regent University, and his Doctorate of Divinity from Harvest Bible University. He is listed in 1992 "Who is Who” among Students in American Colleges and Universities for outstanding leadership qualities.

After completing his graduate studies, God sent his wife Debbie, a fellow missionary, and him to minister in West Malaysia. In 1998, Dr. William and his wife pioneered History Maker International Church in Singapore, a global ministry that leads youth revivals, crusades, and leadership conferences in over 40 countries across the world.

During his 35 years of ministry, God has led him to very unusual locations such as terrorist camps, closed communist and Muslim nations, and totally unreached regions across the world to spread the fire of God.

In 2012, Dr. William and his family were called to relocate to the USA to set a base here to spread the fire and glory of God to the nations in this region and the world. He currently lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and two daughters, Destiny (25) and Mikayla (18).

Dr. Richard William

Director, History Makers University



  • Students are required to watch every lesson in the course to meet the requirements of the credits assigned.

  • Complete a quiz at the end of each lesson.

  • Answer the 8 short essay question at the end of each course. Your final grade will be based on how well you understand the course.

  • Practical Ministry Credit: Students are required to complete 40 hours of practical ministry. The practical ministry could include: local church outreach, mission trip, church ministry, street evangelism.

  • Write a paper detailing the type of event, objective, lessons learned and submit them to receive a ministry credit. Student must receive prior approval for the practical ministry.



“Since I was a young person, I had a deep desire to know and experience God. I've attended four theological and mission schools but when I came upon the History Makers University, it changed my life completely! It's one of the very few schools that not only teaches knowledge and wisdom, but brings about a spiritual transformation. I wholeheartedly recommend HMU to anyone who wants to make a difference in this generation!”

Nations on Fire, Warsaw, Poland

Pastor Dawid Neimic

“I am currently the pastor of a local Church in Tampa FL. I have been personally changed by the ministry of History Maker International. Its spirit-filled teaching will call us to give up our possessions for the adoption of God’s will. In this ministry you will be faced with the hardest question, “Are you truly willing to give up your life to serve God?" I recommend everyone with a passion for God to enroll in this university because it will impact you for a lifetime.”

Christ First Intl, Florida, USA

Pastor Timothy N Johnson

“Attending the nine-month degree program at HMU was one of the best educational experiences of my life. I witnessed firsthand the supernatural, healings, and signs and wonders while attending HMU. This school brings together powerful revivalists and reformers from around the world to stir your passion for God and instill a new fire to serve the King. HMU makes its program affordable and accessible for anyone around the world!”

Shanghai, China

Angela Lu


  • $40 per credit x 58 credits

  • $75 Registration Fee

  • $10/month Admin Fee for monthly payment

$2,012 (SPECIAL SAVINGS OF $ 503)


For check payment please mail it to: History Makers International inc

514 Beth Ann Street Valrico, Florida 33594

12 MONTHS x $210* PER MONTH = $2,515



If you have any questions about the enrollment, please connect to our program specialist below.

Students outside the United States of America And Canada, please connect with a HMU Regional Representative for more info.


    +1 813 557 7527


    [email protected]